Choosing a Winning Road Bike For Your First Race


Buying a Road Bike for Beginners

Choosing a Winning Road Bike For Your First Race

buying a road bike for beginners – If you are planning to buy a road bike for your first race, you have come to the right place. This article will tell how you can go about choosing a great winning bike for your race. There are a few things to consider while you are buying a bike. Follow the tips below and you are sure to buy a bike that suits your requirements and helps you win!

  • Decide on why you want a road bike for. Road bikes are available for a variety of purposes. If yours is to be used for the purpose of racing, you will have to be spending more money than if you were buying a bike for say, riding to school every day. So if racing is your main purpose, prepare to shell out more.


  • Setting a budget is important before you go on looking for road bikes. A good idea would be to go online to search for bike prices and specifications. It will give you an idea of how much money you would need.


  • Decide what kind of bike enthusiast you are. You can buy a great road bike for your first race for under $400. But if you are interested in taking part in racing competitions, prepare to shell out more than a couple of thousand dollars.


  • Next, you have to decide on the material for the bike you will buy. Road bikes are basically made of 4 different kinds of metals. Aluminum is the cheapest metal for bikes and though it’s good, it may give you a sort of a bumpy ride. Steel gives a ride much smoother than aluminum but it may be prone to gather rust. It is also more expensive than aluminum. Carbon fiber will give you a smooth ride and a generally better performance than steel or aluminum. But if you have the money to spare and don’t mind shelling out the big bucks, your best bet would be to invest in a titanium road bike. Titanium road bikes will give you the smoothest ride ever and also help you in winning your first bike race.


  • Check the components of the road bikes. The best bike is actually the one which has the best quality components in it. Check to see whether the brakes, tires, wheels, cranks, etc. are made of good materials. This is essential as the components of a road bike are going to decide how long it will last and what kind of performance can be expected from it.


  • When choosing a winning road bike, it is essential that you test drive and select one you are able to handle well. Test driving is an important part of choosing a vehicle. No matter how much a bike may cost, it may not suit you. So test drive before deciding.

As you can see, the road bikes industry is huge and has something to suit everyone. We hope that with the above tips and advice, you get to buy your dream bike.

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