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Choosing the Best Bike Headlight

CygoLite TridenX 1100 Xtra OSP LED best bike Headlight

Bike headlights are essential for not only a safe riding experience but a legal riding experience, especially in the United States. They are attached to the front and rear of the bike to indicate your position clearly to any preceding traffic or pedestrians and to highlight the path of the direction of travel in conditions of reduced visibility – at night for example. Therefore, choosing the best bike headlight for your bike and your cycling habits is paramount, there would be no need to purchased high-performance headlights if, for example, you only rode a few times a month.


NiteRider MiNewt.250 Cordless LED best bike HeadlightOne structural aspect to take into consideration is what type of bulb the headlight uses; some headlights have moved over to a more powerful collection of smaller LED whereas some older headlights still employ xenon and halogen bulbs. As a rule of thumb, headlights which contain only one bulb (such as a xenon filled bulb) will typically cost less than the best bike headlights which contain multiple bulbs for added intensity. Despite using a greater number of LED bulbs, headlights which are LED lit are typically dimmer than xenon and halogen bulbs, this is something you should consider alongside the likelihood of cycling in the dark for any prolonged period of time or on a regular basis.


NiteRider MiNewt.500 Cordless LED best bike HeadlightDo you want cables running to an alternator? If not, you should consider purchasing a wireless headlight that runs off a battery which you can then recharge. There are some headlights which are not rechargeable however these are going to cost you a greater amount due to the cost of replacing their power source. Rechargeable best bike headlights will usually cost most than those which run off batteries but they can save the excess after medium-long term use.


Further consideration should be afforded to how the headlight is affixed to the bikes frame, does the mounting equipment suit the bike frame you have and your style of riding. For example, if you typically ride home with shopping on the handlebars, will the headlight then catch and cause a problem. In any case, you should always ensure that there is ample storage for a backup battery for your headlight (which is usually provided with the initial purchase) in the eventuality you primary battery runs out.

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