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Cycling Trainers – Choosing the Best One, Features to Think About

best cycling trainerThe best Cycling trainers, for those who cannot, or prefer not to take their bikes out on the road, aim to emulate, as accurately as possible, and the sensation and exercised gained from riding a genuine road bike across the green countryside, or on the morning commute into work. There are quite a few different types of riding trainer and even then can differ vastly in the ticket price. We hope this article will provide some of the answers and clarify some cycling jargon such as “rollers”, which you would think have no place in a wheel-orientated industry.


Magnetic Bike TrainerThe best cycling trainers work by attaching the rear wheel of a normal bike to the device which then makes contact with a roller. This roller can apply different amounts of resistance to the rear wheel, therefore changing the level of difficulty in riding the bike. As previously mentioned there are different types of cycling trainers, three to be precise which are; wind, magnetic and fluid. A wind trainer uses a fan flywheel to increase the air resistance as the wheel is spun. These types of bike trainer tend to be the cheapest as they have the least complicated system in place.


Fluid Bike TrainerBest cycling trainers use magnets embedded in a housing to adjust the level of resistance you face, however, most trainers are built to provide one or two different levels of resistance so there is a noticeable difference in the flexibility when compared to wind trainers. Fluid trainers are similar to wind trainers however the flywheel is encased in a viscous liquid. Fluid trainers offer the flexibility however, due to the relative complexity of the machinery; fluid trainers often cost the most out of the three types. There are bike trainers being developed and marketed which are computer controlled, however these are typically incredibly expensive due to the technology required.

Best Cycling Trainers for Road Bikes

These best cycling trainers offer keen riders the chance to practice their technique or maintain their fitness level even when the weather simply isn’t cooperative. However, the repetitive nature of the task in hand can overwhelm some which is why most trainers (human ones) will recommend you either watch a program or even listen to music whilst training, this will keep your brain active and your motivation levels replenished.

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