Best road bike shoes


Choosing the Best Road Bike Shoes

Shimano SH-R087W Road Bike ShoesBest road bike shoes – Obtaining the correct bike shoes for your road biking is simply essential to providing the correct support to your feet whilst cycling on road surfaces, but also providing a level of comfort over prolonged periods of cycling which can turn into bad experiences when your feet begin to ache. Apply the same logic as work shoes; would you wear trainers to a job interview? The likelihood is no, because they are inappropriate for the situation, this is the same logic as cycling, you are placing a great deal of pressure on the arch in your feet which can result in back pain and other assorted aches if not appropriately dealt with.


Sidi Womens Road bike shoesThere are basic differences in the composition of trainers and best road bike shoes, primarily speaking this is the rigidity of the sole. Trainers are flexible so when you push your foot down on the floor for example, your toes are pushed upwards whilst the ball of your foot pushes down. Road cycling shoes remain rigid, they do not flex, the reason being the ball of your foot can then push down on the pedals to transfer the optimum amount of power into your ride. To aide this, most cycling shoes actually have a plastic plate affixed to the bottom of the shoe to help maintain this rigidity.


Diadora Aerospeed Comp Road Bike ShoesApart from this you should take into consideration whether you are looking for road cycling shoes which screw into the pedals themselves or whether you are looking for shoes which clip onto the pedals. In any case, you need to be comfortable wearing them; new riders typically purchase shoes which clip onto the pedals preferring the possibility of taking their feet off the pedals from time to time which is near impossible if your shoes are screwed into the pedals themselves.


Best road bike shoes generally go through a less intense journey than their cross-country brothers and as such are usually made of lighter materials, these lighter materials result in the shoes being a lot lighter than other shoes such as trainers. There is a range of prices available for road cycling shoes, from the more expensive end of the spectrum to the cheaper end of the spectrum there is always something available. Finally, it goes without saying that when looking for best road bike shoes try them on and make sure they fit!

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