Diamondback road bikes 2013


Diamondback Road Bikes for 2013

Diamondback Podium 5 Road Bike 2013Available for the summer of 2013, there are currently at least twenty different types of Diamondback Road Bikes. These bikes are designed for the commute, for leisure, or for fitness training, but are only suitable on paved streets and roads, trying to use these bikes for sports or training on rougher, or rocky terrain will only cause them damage. However, while they are no built for the adrenalin of mountain biking, they can be exceedingly fun, as these lightweight, skinny bikes are built for speed. If you have a paved area where you can really let rip, they can provide a phenomenal ride, as they are designed to be sleek and speedy.

Diamondback Airen 2 Women's Road Bike  2013The Diamondback Road Bike models currently available include: 2013 Diamond Interval Road Bike, 2013 Airen 1 Women’s Road Bike, 2013 Airen 2 Women’s Road Bike, 2013 Podium 3 Road Bike, 2013 Podium 5 Road Bike, 2013 Airen 3 Women’s Road Bike, 2013 Airen 4 Women’s Road Bike, 2013 Insight 2 Road Bike, 2013 Interval Elite Road bike, 2013 Interval Elite Women’s Road Bike, 2013 Interval women’s Road Bike, 2013 Podium 4 Road Bike, 2013 Podium 6 Ultegra Road Bike, 2013 Clarity S TI-8 Women’s Road Bike, 2013 Insight 1 Flat Bar Road Bike, 2013 Insight ST-8 Road Bike, 2013 Clarity 24” Women’s Road Bike, 2013 Insight ST-1 Road Bike, Insight Flat Bar Bike – Performance Exclusive and the 2013 Insight 24” Kid’s Bike.

Diamondback Interval Elite Road Bike 2013Diamondback road bikes were originally BMX, before moving into mountain and road bikes. This means that they are exceedingly comfortable, as well as fast rides, and have excellent suspension and shock absorbers. Although some of their bikes are high end, they are generally in the low to medium price range. Diamondback road bikes are generally made from carbon, aluminum or titanium, all of which are extremely light materials that make for bikes that not only go fast, but are very easy to control. As the bikes are all available in different sizes, and are available for children, and specifically for women, they are appropriate brand for all of the family, and can be used for transport to school or work. As they are available in a variety of sizes, and for women, it means that you are not only getting a high quality, fast bike, you are getting a bike that is totally comfortable for you and what you need, and that you can really benefit from.

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