GT road bikes 2013


GT Road Bikes for 2013

GT ZUM Flatbar Road bike 2013GT road bikes available in 2013 include the GT ZumFlatbar Road Bike – Performance Exclusive, the 2013 GT Traffic 4.0 street Road Bike,  the 2013 GT GTR Series which includes the Carbon Team bike, Carbon Ultra DI2, Carbon Pro, and Carbon Elite models, including the Performance Exclusive, and the 2013 GT Performance road bikes featuring the Series 3, 4, 5, Tachyon, Corsa, CX Sport, and CX Elite models. Common features of GT Road Bikes are slim tires, a light weight frame, and handlebars at an angle that requires the cyclist to bend. Speed is the key when these bikes are designed. They will become damaged if you try and use them on uneven, rocky or rough terrain. They are ideal for getting places fast, but only if those places are on paved streets.

GT Traffic Street road bike 2013All of these bikes are currently available and are idea for anybody wanting to take up cycling either as a mode of transport, for leisure, or for getting fit. While GT do have an impressive mountain bike range, bear in mind that GT Road Bikes are designed for riding on paved streets, and for speed. Although GT bikes are more famously mountain bikes or BMXs, the current collection of road bikes should be recognised for excellent value, and for the incredible lightweight of their machines. The design of the bike is very clean-cut, with efficiency being a key component, as well as being lightweight and aerodynamic.

GT GTR Series 1 Women's Road Bike 2013The GT Road Bikes are available in a variety of sizes, and are available for both sexes. This means that you can find a boke that will suit your needs perfectly, as there is a broad range of bikes to choose from depending on the buyers budget, or what they want to use the bike for. The difference size and sex options ensure that your bike is tailored to you and will provide a comfortable ride.

The classic GT road bike triple triangle frame is used for several of the GT road bikes, and all are very simple both to use and maintain. They are functional, comfortable, and, because of GTs experience in mountain bikes and BMXs, are comfortable as they reduce the shock of pavement vibrations, or being knocked around.  The road bikes tend to be alloy-based, in order to give a truly lightweight experience, as these bikes are intended for every day, commuter purposes, and so speed, manageability and comfort are the most important factors considered.

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