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Reflective Bike Jerseys The New High Tech High Visibility Clothing

Scattante Team womens bike jerseyReflective Bike Jerseys – Once you have made the decision to use your bike on the roads, whether for transport, leisure or exercise, it is absolutely imperative that you wear high visibility clothing. There are so many advantages to high visibility clothing it is almost impossible to list them all, and they promise to keep you, and you loved ones if they cycle, safe on the roads. Even though nights are lighter in summer, it is still too easy to not spot a cyclist until too late, and it does still get dark. Mornings are equally dangerous, with such high amounts of school traffic, and parents concentrating on their kids, not the roads.

Short Sleeve Bike JerseyHowever, mercifully, there is no longer the need to wear those hideous, bright yellow and silver striped monstrosities. Thanks to modern technology and design, high visibility clothing, such as reflective bike jerseys, can be cool, stylish, and have all the properties you would want in a regular cycling jersey. You can take advantage from such clothing. Though, it is useful to have bright patches on your trousers, shoes or helmet, reflective bike jerseys are without doubt the most effective safety measure, as when cycling, it is your torso that is most clearly visible to drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists, so make the most of this, and ensure your torso and back are clad in high visibility gear, such as reflective bike jerseys.

Blue Short Sleeve bike jerseyWhen trying to convince spouse and children that the extra visibility is necessary, but the balk at the idea of reflective bike jerseys, then there are also plenty of accessories to choose from. For example, there are reflective head and arm bands, or even vests that can be placed over your regular cycling gear for while you’re on the roads. There are also stick on dashes and spots, so you can take the cycling clothes you already have, and fashion your own reflective bike jerseys.

What could be particularly useful, are the snap bands that can go around wrists, as if drivers can see you, but not where you are indicating, then serious accidents could occur. By wearing the bands along with a reflective bike jersey, you can be sure that drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists can not only see you, but are also aware of where you are headed. This would not be the case if you wearing a short sleeve reflective top alone.


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