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Top Scattante Road Bikes for 2013

Scattante CFR Elite road bike 2013Scattante Road Bikes 2013 – As the weather changes, cycling becomes a more and more enjoyable and valid travelling option, and for this purpose a whole new range of Scattante road bikes have been designed for 2013. They are ideal for both recreational riding, or for fitness training. They are lightweight, and have a broad price range, so there should be something to suit every budget, as well as every cycling need.

Scattante road bikes are appropriate for every type of cyclist, whether you want to use your bike for speed, or you prefer a more leisurely journey. Almost all of the Scattante road bikes have a carbon fork, at least, and many have entirely carbon fibre frames, which ensure strength, speed and sustainability. It is a bike you can rely on, it is made to last, and is of the highest quality.

Scattante CFR Comp road bike 2013There are currently almost twenty different models of Scattante road bikes available, ranging from the Scattante Americano single speed bike, and progressing towards the Scattante CFR Elite Carbon Road Bike. The Americano single speed series is most appropriate for those looking to simply cycle, whatever the weather, and to enjoy their ride comfortably. The models become racier after that, and become more suited to a faster pace, starting with the R340 bikes, before going up to R570, or if you’re looking to enjoy some serious speed along with your recreational cycling, then the R670. After that, Scattante produces road bikes that are serious racers, with the most impressive being the 2013 Scattante CFR Elite Road Bike.

Scattante W670 womens road bike 2013One impressive feature of the Scattante road bikes is that it also has a bike specifically for women, which cover the same spectrum of price, materials and purpose as the bikes for men. For example, where there is a man’s R340 Road Bike, there is the woman’s W-340. For a man’s R570, there is a woman’s W-570, and this goes on all the way up to Scattante CFW Race Women’s Road Bike, which shows that these manufacturers understand that there are serious women cyclists, who need bikes of equally high quality to men, but with the gender differences such as the seat, and the geometry of the handlebars, stem and crank arms. To conclude, whatever your budget, Scattante road bikes have something for you. Whether you hope to race, or cycle for leisure, or want aluminum or carbon based frames, there is a Scattante model there for you.

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