Schwinn Road Bikes 2013


Schwinn Road Bikes for 2013

Schwinn Comfort Road bike 2013Schwinn Road Bikes 2013 – It’s already awesome that you have made the decision to start cycling. It’s better for the planet, better for the environment and overall, it’s better for you and your health. Whether you are alone in your pursuit of fitness and reduced carbon dioxide emissions, or you’ve managed to rope your family into joining you, a Schwinn road bike is the perfect choice for you.

Schwinn Cruiser road bike 2013 Although all road bikes are ideal for paved road racing, and are ideal for getting fit within the city, Schwinn is an absolute must for anybody who wants a true to form commuter bike, a bike that is made and designed with getting around the city in mind. Schwinn road bikes include the ‘City Bike’; the ‘Slicker’ and the ‘Commuter’. They are all designed with people who are tired of the congestion and traffic, tired of tolls and parking and hold-ups in mind. They are the ideal solution to transport problems, and are totally efficient in getting around the city.

Schwinn road bikes are generally around the low to medium price range, and therefore should suit all budgets, depending on how much you want to spend, and how seriously and intensely you are interested in cycling. Although there may be better bikes for people looking to do fitness training within the city, Schwinn road bikes are without doubt the best for commuters. They are lightweight, manageable and have excellent suspension and shock absorbers, and there are options within the models for handlebar placement, depending on how upright or bent over you prefer to be while riding. If you are not racing or training, then upright is better for posture, and does less damage to the back and shoulders. One can choose it for multiple reasons.

Schwinn Slicker road bike 2013Although these bikes are ideal for those who want to swan around the city, it is not at all appropriate for anybody who would want to challenge themselves with mountain biking or rough terrain cycling. Schwinn road bikes are very much intended as paved road bikes, and would be damaged and useless if used in a mountainous or rocky area. It would also be back for you, as these slim and lightweight frames and tyres would not support you outside of the city, and would most likely end up causing accidents or injuries. One disadvantage of Schwinn road bikes is that there are not many options for women or children available.

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