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Tour de France 2013 The 100th


Tour de France 100 editionThe Tour de France 2013 originally proposed and setup by Henry Desgrange, a Parisian editor who launched it with 60 riders in 1903. By the 1920s the amount of riders participating had reached more than 100. Since then the race has become a hive of activity watched by the world over as the best and quickest riders have their attempt at the yellow jersey. On the 29th June 2013, the 100th Tour de France 2013 is set to leave the starting line, finishing on the 21st July 2013.


tour de france 2013 mapThe race itself is a test of endurance typically stretching across the host countries covering in excess over 3300km – just over 2000 miles. Whilst today’s athletes are equipped with the best bikes technology has to offer with teams of scientists packing energy drinks and a wide range of treatments for sprained ankles and achy backs, the Tour de France when it first started was more a test of how long athletes could manage on their fixed-gear bikes without crashing into pedestrians who were allowed to wonder aimlessly across the Tours route causing no end of chaos.


Where we encourage healthy eating with a balanced diet in today’s society, back ‘in the day’ athletes would feast on lavished laid out banquets between stages, consume bottles of champagne and smoke cigarettes to bolster their strength – something you would have hard fit to find in teams today.

Tour de France 2013Tour de France 2013

The 100th Tour de France 2013 will begin in Corsica, a French island which will see the first 3 stages run through. This will be the first time the race has visited Corsica, somewhat fitting considering the landmark race number. The race will, aptly finish in the French capital, Paris at dusk after riders are exposed to the elements and back breaking conditions along the planned course. The team time trial will occur on the 2nd of July, as the 4th stage in Nice whereas the individual time trial will occur on the 10th of July, as the 11th stage at Mont Saint Michel.


Breaking away from previous Tours, this year there will be three Alpine stages in the last week alone which will include a double ascent of l’Alpe d’Huez, which is a first of the Tour de France, typically the ascents are either further spread out or simply not as high. Not including the individual and team time trials, there will be seven separate flat stages, give hilly stages, six mountain stages which will contain four summit finishes.

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