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Choosing Essential Road Bike Gear – For Women

Womens Cycling Gear – There are some essential pieces of clothing any woman should have before taking their bikes out for a spin, whether it’s a quick ride to the shop or a short hop to a friend’s you will want to consider kitting yourself out with cycle-specific clothing. Gone are the days where women wore full dresses whilst cycling, technology has brought out the era of Lycra and clothing comprised of organic fibers. There are very few limitations on what you can wear, but hopefully we’ll help you decide what’s most appropriate for you personally.

During the cold months, quality base layers like womens cycling gear are essential to maintaining your core body temperature and keeping you dry in the winter, but keeping you cool and dry in the summer. Garments are available in short and long lengths, which means there really aren’t any restrictions in terms of what you can purchase. Base layers are in constant contact with your skin, it is therefore essential to feel comfortable wearing them.

Best Womens Cycling Gear

Padding! Or rather padded undergarments , which are typically shorts, are a must for any rider who intends on regularly biking even on road surfaces. Cycling over a prolonged time period will result in heightened perspiration rates, wearing loose clothing will rub your skin as your legs move to turn the pedals, this can lead to a great amount of discomfort and even a burning sensation down below. Padded cycling shorts will reduce the likelihood to near nil of this occurring during your local commute or weekend away. During the winter months, thermal tights which are padded similarly to the shorts are recommended reduce chafing and retain warmth.

On top and covering your base layers will be jerseys and shorts or long cycling tights. Womens cycling gear on road tend to be fairly snug fitting which aims to improve the aerodynamics of the cycler, hence improving the ride. The fitted clothes also help’s by reducing the amount of friction on prone areas of skin. Even though these fitted garments may restrict the free movement slightly, this isn’t usually of concern to road cyclists who typically don’t move as drastically or require that free movement as other cyclists such as those who ride off-road may need.

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