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Garmin Edge 200: Best Garmin Cycling GPS

For any sports enthusiast, there is nothing more rewarding than reaching your goal. In order to reach that goal, you should set a benchmark for your everyday practice. Knowing how far you have gone is one of the things that matter to cyclists. With Garmin Edge 200, you will have the basic knowledge of what you have accomplished so far and plan what you can do to better improve your performance. For the price and performance, Garmin Edge 200 is considered as one of the best Garmin cycling GPS.

Garmin Edge 200 is sleek, simple yet another durable creation of Garmin when it comes to cycling GPS. The installation is truly easy so you do not have the need to set up wires and sensors. Just switch on the device and setup the settings according to the user’s personal information such as weight, gender and height and mount the device using durable rubber bands. Charging has also been really easy with Garmin Edge 200 with the use of USB for charging and data transfer. This GPS device can also store up to 130 hours of your activity.

Garmin Edge 200 is the best Garmin cycling GPS for beginners. The price is almost about 100 dollars less than other cycling GPS device primarily because it lacks the heart rate system compatibility. Garmin Edge 200 offers the basic features such as calorie calculator, training logs and total mileage. It measures the essential information regarding your everyday training such as speed, distance, time and elevation. If you are a cyclist that does not dwell too much on heart rate and power feature of the device and wants a relatively cheaper cycling GPS, then this is the best Garmin cycling GPS for you.

Also, Garmin Edge 200 is known for its durability. You can still go through your everyday training whether it is a sunny or rainy day. Even if the device was submerged one meter deep in water for up to 30 minutes, it is still functioning well. The back light provides user clear visibility even in dark areas. You can also set the back light display for automatic timeout to save battery. With Garmin Edge 200, you can share your ride with your friends and family and even join an online community that allows you to join there multiple activities. Whether cycling is your way of having fun or your passion, Garmin Edge 200 is a very useful GPS device for you.

Brand New Edge 200: The no hassle, easy to use, GPS-enabled cycling computer from Garmin.

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